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Improved Fitness

Structured Martial Arts and Fitness classes will have you eager to come back to learn and workout in a fun friendly environment.

Self Confidence

You and/or Your Children will Build confidence with increased skill and technique

Self Defense

Learn to apply quality self-defense techniques in real world environments

Self Discipline

Increased focus, concentration and self-control for students of every age


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From the Gym

No Regrets

“Both my boys (now ages 7 & 12) and I have trained under Professor Jeremiah for almost four years. Not only can he break down skills for a 5 year-old to understand, he can do the same with a 46 year-old. And although martial arts progression is the main purpose of joining a gym like Odyssey, this program will leave you feeling like you have an extended family! I would recommend this program to anybody interested in learning martial arts or self- defense. If you do, you won’t regret it!”

~ Sean Mills

Highly Recommend

“Jeremiah is awesome! He is able to break things down and put them into a perspective that beginners can understand. Working slow and methodical on every detail possible to teach good habits form the start. He is also able to get complex and work at high levels with fighters. If conditioning is your thing, he’s got you there too. Changing things up to keep it fun and challenging. I highly Recommend.

~ Joe Diz

A Wonderful Place

“Odyssey is the place to train. Jeremiah is a great person and instructor who was pivotal in the development of my jiu jitsu. A talented and well rounded fighter he can teach bjj, striking, & wrestling at the highest level. He embodies the true nature of martial arts, learning and growing on a daily basis, passing that knowledge onto his students. He is genuine, kind, and versatile. He can teach any age group while always wearing a smile. A wonderful place for the whole family.”

~ Andrew Powers